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I invite you to a better website, but this requires being heard and understood in order to create a stronger mark on the web. Take advantage of my 10 years of experience for a neat, professional website that’s easy to navigate.

Being a versatile full-stack developer, reach out to me for the diverse services I can offer.

Whether it’s a website, an accurate conversion to a WordPress site, e-commerce, plugin development, you can expect top-notch service!

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No matter of your business activities, your website continues to sell 24/7 even beyond your operating hours.

It is therefore, imperative to have a reliable and clear website for your company to thrive.

A reliable website for your visibility and earnings

You can rely on my responsive support and excellent hosting platforms to ensure your site’s operations.

All these operations are vital and deserve to be secured, from the front-end interface to the back-end, right to the sales of your products.

A clear, brief, accurate and professional website

Your potential clients take five seconds to form a first impression of your business. Therefore, it is highly important to make an impact with a professional and reassuring image.

A few achievements

Debbi Sluys

A coach for life coaches. She teaches manifestation through thougths for an improved life via her vision board creation workshops. You can also see her accomplishments on her website, from her Dare to Declare Academy,  breakthrough vision board sessions and speaking events. You can also purchase tickets for the mentioned events there.

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Plugin for WooCommerce Paid Courses (Sensei) to manage students.

This is a WordPress plugin to manage more than 1000 students on the Formation de Solutions de Relation d’Aide (SRA) platform. It is management via a color chart where columns represent the courses and rows, naturally, represent the students…

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Translation plugin for WooCommerce for selling products in multiple languages (pre-WPML)

Before the installation of WPML, I crafted and maintained a WooCommerce plugin to sell Distribution Plein Air’s 1500+ products in both English and French over a period of more than 3 years.

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Desire a stable and efficient website? Reach out to me

Persistent, methodical and efficient, I pay close attention and provide excellent customer service. Your website will be delivered/repaired within the agreed deadline as promised.

I create, modify and support WordPress plugins, mainly for WooCommerce. 

I also offer tailored training and advice to meet your unique needs. Contact me as soon as possible to make your mark on the web!